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Frequently Asked Questions – Northern Strategy Trust

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What is the Northern Strategy Trust?

The Northern Strategy trust was established by the Government of Canada as a contribution toward the implementation of the Northern Strategy, a plan to support the development of Canada’s North. 

The trust comprised $120 million, with $40 million each allotted to Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Each Territory was given broad discretion for determining how its share of the trust would be used to advance the objectives of the Northern Strategy. Yukon made the decision to jointly manage the fund with Yukon First Nations.

Who can apply for funding?

Based on the Framework approved by the Yukon Forum, First Nation governments and Yukon Government departments are eligible to apply for funding for projects consistent with Yukon Chapter objectives.

Third parties such as non-government organizations may bring project ideas forward to the eligible applicants, which may choose to champion such projects on their behalf.

How much money is available?

In 2006-07, just over $9 million worth of projects were approved. In 2007-08, projects worth close to $16 million were approved. In the final year, $16 million, including unspent funds from other projects, will be awarded.

How are projects approved for funding?

A call for conceptual proposals is issued to First Nation governments and Yukon government departments. A Joint Project Assessment Body assesses the proposals against the criteria in the Framework document approved by the Yukon Forum on April 3, 2006. An invitation is then sent to a short list of proponents to submit detailed proposals.

The Joint Body assesses the detailed proposals and puts forward its recommendations to the Yukon Forum for final approval.

Quick Reference 2009

Value of Northern Strategy Trust:  $40 million

Term of Trust:  3 years

Available Funding:  $10 million in 2006/07; $15 million in 2007/08 and approximately $16 million in 2009.  While the Trust must be fully allocated within 3 years, the duration of funded projects may exceed 3 years.

Eligible Proponents:  Proposals may only be submitted by First Nation governments and Yukon Government departments, jointly or separately.  Eligible proponents may take on and champion projects at the request of external groups, but an eligible proponent must maintain lead responsibility for the proposal and for the project at all times.

Eligible Projects:  Must have a minimum value of $150,000 (in almost all cases – see Framework for details), meet the criteria set out in the Framework, and be consistent with the pillars, goals and objectives of the Yukon Chapter of the Northern Strategy.

Project Assessment:  Projects will be assessed by a Joint Body consisting of two First Nation appointees and two Yukon Government appointees.  The Joint Body will make recommendations to the Yukon Forum on which projects should receive funding.  The Yukon Forum will consider these recommendations and make the final decision.

Two-Step Proposal Process:  Step One – Proponents submit a one-page Conceptual Proposal.  The Joint Body will assess these proposals to determine who should be invited to participate in Step Two.   Step Two – invited proponents submit a Detailed Proposal.  Based on the Detailed Proposals received, the Joint Body will make funding recommendations to the Yukon Forum.

Step One Deadline: Interested proponents have until June 30, 2009 to submit conceptual proposals.

Assessment Criteria:  Assessment criteria are included in the Framework document.  See pages 4 and 5 of the Framework.

Joint Proposals: Joint proposals must be signed by the lead Chief(s) and Deputy Minister(s).