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Aboriginal Relations

Aboriginal Relations

Yukon Forum

The Yukon Forum is a political meeting of the leaders of Yukon First Nations, Council of Yukon First Nations and the Government of Yukon.

Our goal is to work together to foster reconciliation, develop strong government-to-government relations and collaborate on our shared vision.

Our joint priorities

Over the next several years we will be working together on four priority areas. These priorities address long-standing and complex issues of great importance to our governments and to Yukoners.

Our goal is to find solutions that build strong, healthy communities and close socio-economic gaps.

The four joint priority areas for the Yukon Forum are:

  1. Fiscal Relations
  2. Development of Bilateral and Trilateral Process for Engagement
  3. Implementation of Land Claims and Self Government Agreements
  4. Legislative Agenda

Learn more details about our priorities by downloading the Yukon Forum Joint Priority Items (May 2017) PDF 275 KB.

Key Facts

  • The Yukon Forum was established in 2004 under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of Yukon, Council of Yukon First Nations and Yukon First Nations.
  • In 2005, the Forum was formalized through the Cooperation in Governance Act.
  • In January 2017, the Forum was re-invigorated through the signing of an intergovernmental declaration that identified the creation of a joint five-year action plan on shared priorities.
  • At the May 2017 Yukon Forum, leaders approved a list of joint priorities and committed to developing a joint action plan for achieving these priorities.
  • At the September 2017 Yukon Forum, leaders approved a joint action plan.

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