Aboriginal Relations

Aboriginal Relations

Collaboration with First Nations

Yukon government and First Nations work collaboratively to advance a number of shared priorities.

Implementation of comprehensive land claim and self-government agreements

Implementation of the Final and Self-Government Agreements is about bringing the agreements to life by fulfilling the obligations outlined in the agreements. Yukon government is committed to working with Self-Governing First Nations, Government of Canada, and the Council of Yukon First Nations to implement the Final and Self-Government Agreements. Implementation is an ongoing process that includes:

  • following the steps laid out in the final and self-government agreement implementation plans;
  • negotiating further agreements such as Administration of Justice Agreements or Tax-sharing Agreements
  • appointing representatives to Boards and Committees
  • working closely with First Nations on programs and services that  self-governing First Nations are able to draw down under the Self-Government Agreements.

Yukon participates in the Implementation Working Group which monitors, evaluates and provides guidance regarding the fulfillment of obligations of the Yukon First Nation Final and Self-government Agreements. It is made up of implementation representatives from the 11 Self-Governing First Nations, Government of Yukon, Government of Canada and the Council of Yukon First Nations.

The Implementation Working Group’s communications sub-group manages the Mapping the Way campaign which celebrates and raises awareness about Yukon First Nation land claims and self-government.

Yukon Forum

The Yukon Forum was created in 2005 under the Cooperation in Governance Act, to formalize the government-to-government relationship between the Government of Yukon and Yukon First Nations. Yukon Forum provides an opportunity to discuss and determine common priorities and opportunities for co-operation and collaboration.

Intergovernmental Forum

The Intergovernmental Forum was created in 2002, to provide an opportunity for Canada, Yukon, and Yukon First Nations to advance intergovernmental relationships, discuss implementation of the Final and Self-Government Agreements, other common priorities and opportunities for collective action.

Intergovernmental Accords

Intergovernmental Accords are government-to-government agreements that identify shared priorities for cooperative action. They include a commitment for regular meetings and an action plan that coordinates and monitors progress on the shared priorities. To read these Accords see our Agreements with First Nations page.

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