Aboriginal Relations

Aboriginal Relations

Aboriginal Consultation

A fundamental aspect of reconciliation is consultation with Aboriginal governments and organizations.

Government of Yukon regularly consults with Aboriginal governments and organizations as a matter of good governance, sound policy development and decision-making as well as to fulfill our legal consultation obligations.

Types of consultation

Consultation for good governance/policy reasons

  • To make informed decisions that respect and incorporate the views and interests of First Nations people and governments
  • To continue building good government-to-government relation

Consultation for legal reasons

  • To meet common law consultation obligations
  • To meet consultation obligations set out in legislation, comprehensive land claims or other agreements

Legal duty to consult

Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution recognizes and affirms existing Aboriginal and treaty rights.
Under Canadian common law, government must consult, and, where appropriate, accommodate Aboriginal groups when it contemplates actions or decisions which may have the potential to impact treaty rights or asserted Aboriginal rights.

How does Yukon government consult?

The consultation process involves providing:

  • advanced notice of a contemplated decision
  • sufficient information to for a First Nation to prepare its views
  • reasonable time for a First Nation to prepare its views
  • an opportunity for a First Nation to present its views 
  • full and fair consideration of views
  • an explanation of how views were considered in making the decision

Contact Aboriginal Relations

Ph: 867-667-5035
Toll free in Yukon: 1-800-661-0408
Email: aboriginal.relations@gov.yk.ca

Office location: upstairs at 204 Main Street.

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