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Address: 100 Hanson Street, Box 2703 (L-3), Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Email: artsfund@gov.yk.ca | Phone: 867-667-3535, 867-667-8789, 1-800-661-0408 ext.3535 / ext.8789 | Fax: 867-393-6456


The jury makes recommendations to the Yukon Arts Advisory Council with respect to applications for the Advanced Artist Award. The jury reviews applications, selects the successful applicants and determines the amount of funding the artists may receive. The Chair of the Yukon Arts Advisory Council then forwards the recommendations to the minister for approval and announcement. The jury works towards consensus in their decisions. Juror names are revealed when the funding is publicly announced.

Jurors consider the following criteria in their assessment:

  • the degree to which the proposed activity or project meets the objectives of the Advanced Artist Award;
  • an assessment of the education, experience and skill level of the applicant;
  • the performance history or public exposure of the applicant;
  • the degree to which the project will meet the artistic development objectives of the applicant;
  • the existence of a realistic and feasible budget and itinerary; and
  • available funds.

Authority: Arts Act, section 15
Type: Advisory


Department staff appoint members for each funding session. No Chair or Vice-Chair is selected.

Appointment process: Internal appointment

Requirements: No legislated criteria required to join. Jury members are usually artists whose practice is known to be at the senior level.

Term: 1 intake and selection period. There are 2 selection periods per year.

Meetings: 1 meeting per selection term.

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Current members: Not listed due to the frequency of intake periods.