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Arts Centre Corporation Board of Directors (Yukon)

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Address: Box 16, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5X9

Phone: 867-667-8575 | Fax: 867-393-6300


Oversee and manage the Yukon Arts Centre Corporation and its programs.

Authority: Arts Centre Act, section 1
Period: 1988 to present
Type: Governing


The Minister appoints not more than 12 members. The Minister has sole discretion for choosing 3 of the members. The remainder are chosen after consultation with Yukon fine arts groups. The Board designates 1 member as Chair and 1 member as Vice-Chair.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: Members are selected with the view to achieve adequate representation of fine arts groups and their audiences.

Term: Not exceeding 3 years. May be reappointed for further terms. A member who has served 2 consecutive terms isn't eligible for reappointment during the 12 months following their second term.

Meetings: Monthly except in the summer.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Michael, Patrick   Member   08/26/2018   08/25/2021
Legge, Sandra Member 09/21/2017 09/20/2020
Woodland, Tina Member 08/21/2018 08/20/2021
Duncan, Bronwen   Member    09/21/2017    09/20/2020 
Silverfox, Tanya   Member    10/25/2018    10/24/2021 
Gedrose, Steven   Member    10/25/2018    10/24/2021 
McCallum, Katherine    Member    10/25/2018    10/24/2021 
Sova, Kim   Member    11/22/2018   11/21/2021
Piper, Kyla           Member   11/18/2018   11/17/2021
Keevil, Genesee       Member   11/18/2018   11/17/2021