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Capability and Consent Board

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Address: c/o Sourdough Secretarial Service, 7213 – 7th Ave. Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 1R8

Phone: 867-633-7614 | Fax: 867-633-6954


The Board provides a forum for reviewing the decisions of care providers and substitute decision-makers, and for providing direction to substitute decision-makers, to ensure that:

  • the rights of care recipients are respected;
  • as required by other provisions of the Act, careful consideration is given to the wishes, beliefs and values, or best interests of care recipients; and
  • relatives and friends of the care recipient, and care providers, have an opportunity to be heard.

A panel of three Board members is required to hold a review.

The Board has authority to deal with the following matters:

Care Consent Act

  • Review of a decision that a person is incapable (or capable) to consent to health care, admission to a care facility or personal assistance services;
  • Review of a last resort substitute decision made by care providers to major health care or admission to a care facility;
  • Review of a care providers' choice of a substitute decision-maker;
  • Review of a substitute decision-maker's decision regarding major health care or admission to a care facility;
  • Review of a certificate of need for financial protection;
  • Choice of a substitute decision-maker in the event that equally-ranked substitute decision-makers cannot agree on the care decision; and
  • Consideration of a request from a substitute decision maker for directions regarding wishes.

Mental Health Act

  • Review of an involuntary admission;
  • Review of a renewal of involuntary admission;
  • Review of an application to transfer an involuntary patient to a hospital outside of the Yukon;
  • Review of a certificate related to involuntary admission;
  • Review of a certificate of return;
  • Consideration of whether to authorize specified treatments in addition to substitute consent; and
  • Consideration of whether to withhold all or part of the patient's record.


Period: May 2005 to present
Type: Adjudicative


The Board is comprised of:

  • 2 members and 3 alternate members from the Yukon Medical Association.
  • 2 members and 2 alternate members from among the qualified care providers.
  • 3 members and 2 alternate members from the Law Society of Yukon
  • 2 members and 2 alternate members from among persons not mentioned in the above bullets.

The Commissioner in Executive Council (upon the recommendation of the Minister of Health and Social Services) appoints board members. The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints (from the Law Society of Yukon board members) 1 Chair and 2 Vice-Chairs.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: The Commissioner in Executive Council will appoint members to ensure:

  • males and females are equally represented;
  • representation of Yukon's cultural diversity;
  • inclusion of people with knowledge or experience of people with intellectual disabilities, mental illnesses, physical disabilities, people with brain injuries, or diseases of aging or other degenerative illnesses that can lead to mental incapability.

Term: Maximum 3 years.

Meetings: 1—4 times per month in Whitehorse, Yukon with short notice as needed.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Gustafson, Carmen Alternate Member 10/25/2018 10/24/2021
McConnell, Paul (Robert)    Alternate Member    08/17/2016    08/01/2019 
Quong, Dr. Ken   Member    11/10/2017   11/09/2020 
Mooney, Susan   Member    11/10/2017    11/09/2020 
Warner, Ariana   Alternate Member    11/10/2017    11/09/2020 
Warnsby, Benjamin   Alternate Member    11/10/2017    11/09/2020 
Sinclair, Annette   Member    11/10/2017    11/09/2020 
Ryder, Amy       Member    11/10/2017    11/09/2020 
Stevenson, Eric           Alternate Member    10/25/2018    10/24/2021 
Gale, Reagan   Member    07/03/2019    05/01/2022 
Battin, Paul   Member    07/03/2019    05/01/2022 
Tkachuk, Darcy   Member, Vice-Chair    07/03/2019    05/01/2022 
Tucker, James   Member, Chair    07/03/2019    05/01/2022 
Ikeji, Dr. Ngozi   Member    07/03/2019    05/01/2022