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Electrical Safety Standards Board

Department: Community Services



The Board has territory-wide jurisdiction and hears appeals regarding the withdrawal of a contractor's privileges, suspension of a contractor's license and denials of permits to homeowners and unlicensed electricians.

The functions of the Board are:

  • to hear appeals under section 17 of the Act; and
  • to advise the Minister on electrical safety standards and the administration of the Act, both on its own initiative and at the Minister's request.

Authority: Electrical Protection Act, section 16
Period: 1991 to present
Type: Adjudicative; Advisory


The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints up to 5 members and may designate which member is the Chair.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: 5 members are qualified by training and experience in the electrical field and include:

  • 2 licensed electrical contractors; 
  • 1 electrical engineer; and 
  • 2 qualified electricians.

Term: 3 year term.

Meetings: As needed.

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Current members:

 Name  Position  From:  To:
 Dorward, Ross  Member and Chair  02/28/2018  02/27/2021
 Labelle, Beniot  Member  02/28/2018  02/27/2021
 Taylor, Jason  Member  02/28/2018  02/27/2021
 Thomas, Frank  Member  02/28/2018  02/27/2021
 Drift, Daryl  Member  02/28/2018  02/27/2021