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First Nation Executive Development Program – 3 column

Signing the EDP MOU

The First Nation Executive Development Program is a pilot project to develop and deliver an accredited executive and management training program set within the contextual framework of Yukon final and self-government agreements.

The First Nation Executive Development Program is an excellent example of the Yukon Government’s work in partnering with Yukon First Nations and shows concrete results from the establishment of the new Governance Liaison/Capacity Development branch.

This initiative involves a strong partnership between the Yukon Government, Champagne and Aishihik First Nation and Yukon College.

Aimed initially at Champagne and Aishihik First Nation staff, the goal is for the one-year pilot certificate to be extended to all Yukon First Nations, Yukon government and municipalities.

Funding is provided through the Northern Strategy Trust Fund to develop executive and management capacity for First Nations.

Objectives of the First Nation Executive Development Program:

Bridging the gap between existing programs and Self-Governing Yukon First Nations education needs.

Existing Programs 

The First Nations Executive Development Pilot Program

  • Based on Indian Act.
  • Based on Final and Self-Governing First Nations Agreements in Yukon
  • Does not address skills or knowledge required for implementation of Yukon Final and Self-Governing First Nations.
  • Made-in-Yukon unique approach – incorporates local knowledge and experiences
  • Provides executive leadership, management skills and knowledge needed for effective Self Government and engaging in intergovernmental affairs
  • Developed outside of First Nation
  • Allows First Nation to have real influence over the curriculum and delivery of the education they are receiving
  • Modular components make it adaptable to different Self-Governing First Nation’s needs
  • Difficult to access — offered outside of Yukon
  • Easy to access — offered in Yukon
  • Difficult to integrate education into work and family life
  • First Nation Tutor/Teaching Assistant works with students throughout the program
  • Flexible for executive and senior management students
  •  Training workshops
  • Accredited Yukon College Certificate program
  • Transferable to a diploma or degree

Program Achievements:

  • Development of a unique, cutting edge executive leadership and management program for Self-Governing First Nations.
  • Enhanced implementation of Final and Self-Government Agreements.
  • Improved leadership and management capacity within Self-Governing Yukon First Nations.
  • 30% CAFN staff participation in pilot program.
  • Certificate to eventually be available to all Yukon First Nations.

Download the Executive Development Program brochure.