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The following terms are part of each board and committee profile.

Department: Refers to the Yukon government department or agency that coordinates, services or directs the work of the board or committee.

Board/Committee: The name of the board or committee.

Agency URL: The board or committee website (if available).

Address: Mailing address for the board or committee.

Telephone: The phone number for information on the board or committee.

Fax: The fax number for the board or committee.

Email: The email address for the board or committee.

Authority: Name of and link to the legislation and regulation(s) that establishes the board or committee.

Period: Date the board or committee was established.

Type: Describes the role of the board or committee and whether its function is:

  • Adjudicative: This function can be described as the application of laws or regulations in order to adjudicate rights in individual cases. This also includes appellate hearings.
  • Regulatory: This includes licensing, standard-setting and rate-making responsibilities.
  • Advisory: Providing advice to Cabinet, ministers or departmental officials.

Appointment Process: Describes the mechanism used to appoint members to boards and committees.

Mandate: Describes the assignment given to a board or committee and the parameters within which hte members work.

Membership: Sets out the number of members on the board or committee and, where appropriate, representation from organizations, professions, etc.

Requirements: Sets out the requirements for appointment of members to boards or committees, if any.

Term: Describes the number of years members are appointed to boards and committees.

Meetings: Lists approximately how many times a year the board or committee meets.

Remuneration: Honoraria are not intended to replace income that a board or committee member could have earned instead of performing the public service. Honoraria payments are made in accordance with the category assigned to a given board or committee.

Category: Describes the category of a board or committee based on their responsibilities.

  • Category A: No honorarium. Boards and committees that are:
    • highly temporary in nature with a limited project specific mandate; or
    • made up solely of public servants appointed in the course of their employment.
  • Category B: $75/day. Boards and committees with:
    • little or no decision making authority; or
    • minimal or no regulatory or adjudicative role; or
    • minimal impact of any decisions or recommendations.
  • Category C: $125/day. Boards and committees with:
    • some independant decision making authority; or
    • regulatory or some adjudicative role; or
    • medium to high impact on government or the public of decisions or recommendations.
  • Category D: $200/day. Boards and committees with:
    • independant decision making authority; or
    • an adjudicative role; or
    • high impact on government or public of decisions or recommendations made.

Current Membership: A link to a listing of current members on boards and committees.

Questions about Yukon government boards and committees?


Email: Boards.Committees@gov.yk.ca
Phone: 867-667-8688
Toll free (in Yukon, NWT and Nunavut): 1-800-661-0408