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Yukon flag, symbols, emblems and protocol

The Office of Protocol organizes state and ceremonial events for visiting diplomats, heads of state, senior government representatives and other visitors. 

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Contact the Chief of Protocol if you have a question or need help with Yukon flags, emblems and symbols, signing ceremonies or protocols for local and national events.

When to fly the flag at half mast

Half-mast is the term used when the flag is positioned halfway down the flagpole. It's a well established tradition in Canada to lower flags to half-mast as a statement of honour and loss that is shared by many.

There is a recurring schedule for half-masting the flag, although other decisions are made on an ad hoc basis.

Flags at half-mast (recurring schedule)

  • April 9: National Day of Remembrance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge
  • April 28: National Day of Mourning for Persons Killed or Injured in the Workplace
  • June 23: National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism
  • Last Sunday in September: Canadian Police and Peace Officers Memorial
  • November 11: Remembrance Day
  • December 6: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Day when the Union Jack Flag is to be flown in Yukon

  • December 11: Anniversary of the proclamation of Statute of Westminster

Yukon table of precedence

  1. The Commissioner of Yukon
  2. The President of the Executive Council, designated as Premier
  3. The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Yukon
  4. The Justice of the Supreme Court
  5. Members of the Executive Council of Yukon
  6. The Leader of the Official Opposition
  7. Members of the Legislative Assembly of Yukon with precedence governed by the date of their first election to the Legislature
  8. Federal Member of Parliament for Yukon
  9. Member of the Senate from Yukon
  10. Yukon First Nation Chiefs/Grand Chief of the Council of Yukon First Nations
  11. Bishops of Roman Catholic and Anglican faiths with precedence determined by order of appointment
  12. R.C.M.P. Divisional Commander
  13. Armed Forces Commander
  14. Territorial Court Judges
  15. Mayor of Whitehorse
  16. Yukon Government Deputy Ministers and senior Yukon Government officials

Note: Members of the Federal Cabinet Privy Councilors not of the Cabinet would be given precedence immediately after the Premier, when in attendance at Territorial functions.

Learn about table of precedence by visiting the Government of Canada table of precedence page.