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Usability tests

Status: Ongoing
Summary: We conduct routine usability tests on our website. If you're interested in getting involved let us know. These sessions typically take around 30 minutes. 
How does this help us improve your experience on the government website? It's important the government website works for you. We make changes to improve your experience based on the results of our usability tests.
Sign up: yg.digital@gov.yk.ca.

Website tasks survey

Status: Closed (This survey ran from June 13 to July 18, 2017) 
Summary: This survey was meant to help us find out what information citizens need and the tasks they expect to 'do' on a government website. 137 Yukoners answered 9 questions. Here is what we found:

  • The 2 top tasks Yukoners expect to be able to 'do' are transactional: obtain a license or permit; and apply for services.
    • 69% of participants answered the optional question on the survey about 'why' it was important to them to be able to 'do' tasks online. Beyond the obvious answers like 'efficient' and 'convenient' - the two most popular specific reasons given were no travel needed and can access on my schedule.
  • The topics of most interest to Yukoners were: health and wellbeing; parks and recreation; jobs and training; recycling and waste.
  • Participants struggled with finding information and services on the government website due to poor experiences with the website search, too much information, duplicate information and the lack of online services.

How will this improve Yukoners' experiences on the government webs site? The insights gleaned from this survey will help determine which topics and tasks should be highlighted and prioritized on the homepage of the  government website.


Tree test exercise

Status: Closed (This exercise took place July 7 to 17, 2017)
Summary: We created a mock website based on the card sort exercise categories. 62 Yukoners (85% non-government staff) navigated the mock website to complete 12 tasks. 
How will this improve Yukoners' experiences on the government website? Yukoners tested were able to complete tasks on our website using the proposed categories. The 'Transportation' category will be updated to 'Driving and transportation' and the rest of the categories will remain the same. We will be working to reorganize the government website using these categories instead of department and program area names.

Card sort exercise: Preliminary results

Status: Closed (This exercise took place June 12 to 19, 2017)
Summary: There were 70 cards with names that reflected the diverse tasks and topics users are looking for or wanting to do on a government website. Yukoners grouped these topics into categories and then named each category. These were the resulting 16 categories. .

  • Arts and events
  • Births, marriages and deaths
  • Doing business
  • Education and schools
  • Emergencies and safety
  • Employment
  • Health and wellness
  • Housing and property
  • Immigration
  • Outdoor recreation and wildlife
  • Legal and social supports
  • Statistics and data
  • Transportation
  • Waste and recycling
  • Weather
  • Your government

How will this improve Yukoners' experiences on the government website? These groupings will form the basis of the government's website. We are shifting away from organizing our website around us and moving toward using words and groupings that work for Yukoners.

Get in touch

If you want to find out more about our research projects or to take part in future opportunities to help improve the website, please contact:

Email: yg.digital@gov.yk.ca
Phone: 867-667-5103