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Address: c/o Senior Judges' Assistant, Box 31222, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5P7

Phone: 867-667-5438 | Fax: 867-393-6400


  • to make recommendations to the Minister respecting appointments of judges and justices;
  • subject to Part 5 of the Act, to deal with complaints respecting judges and justices;
  • to make recommendations to the Minister and the chief judge on any matters that it considers necessary respecting the efficiency, uniformity, or quality of judicial services;
  • to report to the Minister and the chief judge respecting proposals for improving the judicial services of the court or on any other matters that may be referred to it by the Minister;
  • after consulting with the chief judge and the Minister, to consider and recommend any judicial training that in its opinion may reasonably be necessary;
  • to serve in an educational capacity, in any manner it sees fit;
  • for the better consideration of justice issues of concern to the community, to establish working committees to consider reform and improvements in the areas of family and young offenders matters and criminal, and civil laws, and to make recommendations on these areas to the council. The membership of these committees shall be in the discretion of the council, but the council shall attempt to include representatives of all interested groups on these committees;
  • at the request of the supervising judge, to consider whether a change of residence or occupation of a justice merits the dismissal of the justice;
  • at the request of the supervising judge, to assess whether or not justices have satisfactorily completed training opportunities offered by the court or whether or not justices have engaged in behaviour inconsistent with the due administration of justice and, if it considers advisable, to refer its concerns about a justice to a tribunal; and
  • to perform any other duties that it may be requested to perform by the Minister or the chief judge.

Authority: Territorial Court Act, section 30
Period: December 23, 1983 to present
Type: Advisory


The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints the Council from:

  • 2 members nominated by the Minister, one of whom is a member of the Law Society of Yukon and the other is a lay person;
  • 2 members nominated by Yukon First Nations, at least one of whom is a lay person;
  • 1 member nominated by the Law Society of Yukon;
  • 1 member nominated by the chief judge;
  • 1 member nominated by justices; and
  • a resident judge of the Supreme Court nominated by the senior judge who may, ex officio, participate in the affairs of the council, on matters other than complaints and discipline.

The Council may recommend the appointment of one further lay member who shall, in so far as it is reasonably possible after considering the existing membership, ensure that the Council reflects the demographics and diversity of the Yukon.

The Council selects a chair from its members and if the chair is for any reason unable to act, the other members of the Council shall choose a member to act in the chair’s absence.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: No legislated criteria required to join.

Term: Not exceeding 3 years. May be nominated for further terms.

Meetings: Approximately 4 times a year.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Parsons, Michelle Member 07/17/2017 07/16/2021
Mercier, Katherine Member 03/31/2018 03/30/2021
Chisholm, Judge Peter Member 07/03/2017 07/02/2020
Plante, Christine    Member    08/17/2016    08/16/2019 
Smyth, Steve   Member    03/25/2019    03/24/2022
Lane, Leo   Member    04/25/2019    04/24/2022 
Duncan, Suzanne   Member    04/25/2019    04/24/2022