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Government and any affected Yukon First Nation may agree to establish a Regional Land Use Planning Commission to develop a regional land use plan. Settlement Agreements provide for regionally based Regional Land Use Planning Commissions.

Regional land use plans shall include recommendations for the use of land, water and other renewable and non-renewable resources in the planning region in a manner determined by the Regional Land Use Planning Commission.

Each Regional Land Use Planning Commission shall prepare and recommend to Government and the affected Yukon First Nation a regional land use plan within a timeframe established by Government and each affected Yukon First Nation.

Each Regional Land Use Planning Commission, after Consultation with each affected Yukon First Nation, shall prepare a budget for the preparation of the regional land use plan and for carrying out its functions under this chapter and shall submit that budget to the Yukon Land Use Planning Council.

In developing a regional land use plan, a Regional Land Use Planning Commission:

  • within its approved budget, may engage and contract technical or special experts for assistance and may establish a secretariat to assist it in carrying out its functions under this chapter;
  • may provide precise terms of reference and detailed instructions necessary for identifying regional land use planning issues, for conducting data collection, for performing analyses, for the production of maps and other materials, and for preparing the draft and final land use plan documents;
  • shall ensure adequate opportunity for public participation;
  • shall recommend measures to minimize actual and potential land use conflicts throughout the planning region;
  • shall use the knowledge and traditional experience of Yukon Indian People, and the knowledge and experience of other residents of the planning region;
  • shall take into account oral forms of communication and traditional land management practices of Yukon Indian People;
  • shall promote the well-being of Yukon Indian People, other residents of the planning region, the communities, and the Yukon as a whole, while having regard to the interests of other Canadians;
    shall take into account that the management of land, water and resources, including Fish, Wildlife and their habitats, is to be integrated;
  • shall promote Sustainable Development; and may monitor the implementation of the approved regional land use plan, in order to monitor compliance with the plan and to assess the need for amendment of the plan.

Authority: Umbrella Final Agreement, Chapter 11.4
Period: The date of creation and dissolution varies for each Commission.
Type: Advisory


The Minister appoints 6 members with:

  • 1/3 representation by nominees of Yukon First Nations,
  • 1/3 representation by nominees of Government, and
  • 1/3 representation based on the demographic ratio of Yukon Indian People to the total population in a planning region.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: The majority of nominees of Yukon First Nations and the majority of nominees of Government on a Regional Land Use Planning Commission shall be Yukon residents with a long term familiarity with the region or regions being planned. Members of the Commissions shall not be delegates of the parties who nominate or appoint them.

Term: 3 year term. Exception: The term of initial appointments to a Commission may, in the discretion of the nominating party, be less than but not exceed three years and any appointment replacing a member whose term has not expired shall only be for the unexpired portion of that term.

Meetings: Each Commission determines when and where meetings are held.

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Current members:

Dawson Regional Land Use Planning Commission: There are no members at this time.

Teslin Regional Land Use Planning Commission: There are no members at this time.