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Law Society of Yukon (Discipline Committee)

Department: Justice | Agency website >>

Address: Suite 202, 302 Steele Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C5

Email: info@lawsocietyyukon.com | Phone: 867-668-4231 | Fax: 867-667-7556


Conducts investigations into matters regarding the conduct of a law society member or a student-at-law. The Committee is not a Yukon government agency; however, the government appoints one or more members to the Committee.

Authority: Legal Profession Act, section 25 
Period: 1985 to present
Type: Adjudicative


The executive appoints at least 9 members of whom at least 3 are active members resident in the Yukon and at least 3 are members not resident in the Yukon. The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints a maximum of 3 people who are not members. The Chair is designated by the executive (from among the members appointed by the executive) and may also be an officer, other than the president.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: A person is not eligible for nomination or election to the position of Vice-President (discipline) unless they have been engaged in the practice of law for at least 10 years immediately preceding the date of their nomination.

Term: 3 years.

Meetings: As required.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Birss, Arthur Member 05/23/2014 05/22/2017
Pigage, Lee Member 05/23/2014 05/22/2017
Rouble, Patrick Member 09/26/2014 09/25/2017