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Licensed Practical Nurses Discipline Panel

Department: Community Services

Address: 307 Black Street, Box 2703 C-5, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-667-5111 | Fax: 867-667-3609


The Discipline Panel is a pool of individuals available to determine complaints made against Licensed Practical Nurses. Members of the Discipline Panel may be appointed by the Chair of the Licensed Practical Nurses Advisory Committee to form a committee of inquiry, which can investigate, hear and determine a complaint. If a committee of inquiry determines that a complaint is justified, the committee of inquiry may reprimand the person complained against or suspend or cancel the registration of that person. A complaint is justified when it is shown that the licensed practical nurse:

  • displayed a lack of the knowledge, skill, or judgment in the care of a patient that it is reasonable to expect of a licensed practical nurse; or
  • failed to take reasonable care in the performance of duties as a licensed practical nurse.

At least one half of the members appointed to a committee of inquiry are chosen from those Discipline Panel members who are licensed practical nurses. A committee of inquiry has the same powers as a board of inquiry under the Public Inquiries Act.

Authority: Licensed Practical Nurses Act, section 7
Period: 1998 to present
Type: Governing; Adjudicative


The Discipline Panel is made up of no less than 10 members. At least 5 members must be licensed practical nurses. Members are appointed by Cabinet.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: No legislated criteria required to join.

Term: Indefinite.

Meetings: As required.

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Current members:

Name Position Since:
Battin, Paul Public Member 01/29/2016
Miller, Reba Public Member 01/29/2016
Gilson, Penny Public Member 01/29/2016
Fralick, Alyssa    Member   06/19/2015   
Hoehn, Cory     Member   06/19/2015    
Hermanson, Helmer     Member    06/19/2015    
Donald, Laura     Member    06/19/2015    
Montrose, Laurel     Member    06/19/2015    
Heynan, Linda     Member    06/19/2015    
Burdett, Michael     Member    06/19/2015    
Mugadza, Milton     Member    06/19/2015    
Jones, Robert     Member    06/19/2015    
Ladret, Sandra     Member    06/19/2015    
Goodwin-Chief, Tara     Member    06/19/2015    
Barr, Teresa     Member    06/19/2015    
Lefebvre, Deborah Licensed Practical Nurse Member 01/29/2016
Somerton, Robin Licensed Practical Nurse Member 01/29/2016