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Current Policies

1. Policy on Capital Projects

Large Capital Building Projects:
Proposals seeking funding for the construction of buildings will not be eligible for Northern Strategy funding.  However, proposals seeking funding for feasibility studies or planning related to building projects will be eligible to apply for funding up to $150,000.  (The minimum project value criterion of $150,000 will be waived for such proposals).

Rationale – It is beyond the capacity of the Northern Strategy trust to support large capital building projects.  Funding a few large building projects in a few communities would not be a fair way to distribute the available funds.  However, the planning stage of such projects represents a relatively small proportion of the total capital cost and could be supported by the Northern Strategy trust.  Making planning projects eligible for funding could be a catalyst to help proponents leverage funding from other sources to enable projects to happen.

Small Scale Community Infrastructure Projects:
The Joint Body is prepared to consider proposals for funding small scale community infrastructure projects that leave a lasting legacy consistent with Northern Strategy objectives.  The Joint Body will accept proposals for funding up to a maximum of $500,000 for this kind of project.

Rationale – Small scale infrastructure projects can be supported within the funds available, and can leave legacies in communities consistent with Northern Strategy objectives.  The maximum project value of $500,000 is meant to provide direction on the scope and scale of projects contemplated and to ensure that there is adequate funding for a number of projects like this in a number of communities.

2. Policy on Governance Projects

The Joint Body would like to encourage proposals consistent with the “Strengthening Governance, Partnerships and Institutions” pillar of the Northern Strategy.  To be consistent with Northern Strategy funding criteria governance projects should be broadly based, should benefit more than one community, and should be submitted collaboratively by two or more eligible proponents.

The Joint Body will place a priority on projects that are designed to establish a ‘legacy of capacity’ by building leadership capacity or enhancing the ongoing capacity of governments to serve their citizens.
Rationale – “Strengthening Governance, Partnerships and Institutions” is an important pillar of the Northern Strategy yet it was the basis for relatively few proposals received in 2006.  The Joint Body would like to draw attention to this pillar and encourage projects consistent with it.

3. Policy on Youth/Leadership Projects

The Joint Body would like to encourage proposals that involve youth; that develop leadership capacity and skills among youth; that transfer knowledge and experience to youth; and that create an ongoing ‘legacy of capacity’.  To be consistent with Northern Strategy funding criteria Youth/Leadership projects should benefit youth in more than one community and should be submitted collaboratively by two or more eligible proponents.

 As well, the Joint Body will give priority to any proposal that clearly demonstrates strong benefits for youth, particularly direct youth involvement in aspects of project delivery that will build leadership and employment skills.

Rationale – Developing youth is a critical component of Yukon’s long term, strategic development, and is thus a critical component in achieving the goals of the Northern Strategy.

4. Assistance for First Nations’ Applications

For the 2009 intake, the Joint Body has engaged the services of Matt Mehaffey to assist Yukon First Nations in the proposal-writing process. Mr. Mehaffey will be able to assist in identifying projects that are consistent with the Northern Strategy Trust application criteria and in the completion of the Conceptual Proposal and Detailed Proposal.

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