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Pan-northern approach to science

Territorial premiers released A Pan-Northern Approach to Science in April 2016. It recognizes the importance of broadening our own understanding of the North and drawing upon traditional knowledge and modern science to improve our collective ability to operate in a fragile environment that is undergoing serious and rapid change.

A Pan-northern approach to science cover with norhtern lightsThe premiers' shared vision for northern science in the 3 territories:

  • Supports a strong northern science community that is solutions-driven, needs-oriented and partnership-based.
  • Broadens our own understanding of the north.
  • Encourages traditional knowledge and modern science.
  • Develops northern research capacity.
  • Realizes a prosperous, healthy and sustainable North that will benefit northerners and all Canadians, now and in the future.

Northern science—the path forward

Advances in knowledge and understanding are necessary to achieve the collaborative vision for the North shared in A Northern Vision.

The approach commits to:

  • Utilizing sound, reliable and evidence-based information to make decisions;
  • developing northern science capacity;
  • enhancing science communications and outreach;
  • promoting strong science policies; and
  • encouraging meaningful partnerships with First Nations, Inuit, Métis, the private sector and the science community.

Supporting documents: