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Science strategy

Government of Yukon Science Strategy

In January 2016, the Government of Yukon released its new Science Strategy. The vision of the strategy is to support the active pursuit, gathering and storage of scientific knowledge so it can be easily retrieved, transferred, shared and used to support evidence-based decision-making.

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Guiding principles

  1. Recognize the importance of science and innovation
  2. Incorporate local and traditional knowledge
  3. Focus on needs
  4. Support improved coordination
  5. Provide appropriate resources for scientific activities
  6. Keep pace with development
  7. Keep current with scientific advances
  8. Promote health and social sciences
  9. Foster partnerships
  10. Establish and maintain a strong Yukon-based science community


1. Support decision-making—To develop scientific knowledge and science-based solutions to support and enhance decision-making and innovation within the Government of Yukon.

2. Build science capacity—To develop science capacity in order to enhance the Government of Yukon’s ability to access, apply and develop scientific knowledge.

3. Improve data collection and management—To enhance the use of data standards and improve scientific information management systems so data can be easily retrieved, transferred, shared and used.

4. Stimulate private and civil sector science—To stimulate private sector research, innovation and commercialization activities in order to support the growth and development of the knowledge sector in Yukon.

5. Promote information sharing—To promote the sharing and distribution of scientific information generated in Yukon in order to raise awareness of the Government of Yukon’s science expertise, activities, facilities, interests and needs and to enhance science literacy.

6. Manage and enhance science conduct—To identify and address science policy needs that enable scientific activity, enhance scientific coordination, ensure the effective oversight of scientific activity, and facilitate and promote scientific excellence.

Science Strategy Goals