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Selkirk Renewable Resources Council

Department: Environment

Address: Box 32, Pelly Crossing, Yukon, Y0B 1P0

Email: selkirkrrc@northwestel.net | Phone: 867-537-3938 | Fax: 867-537-3939


Renewable Resources Councils are a primary instrument for local renewable resources management as set out in the final agreements. Each Renewable Resources Council acts in the public interest in a manner consistent with their Final Agreement to make recommendations to the Minister, the affected Yukon First Nation, the Fish and Wildlife Management Board and the Salmon Sub-Committee on any matter related to conservation of fish and wildlife. Each Renewable Resources Council makes provisions for public involvement in the development of its decisions and its recommendations.

The Council’s jurisdiction is the Selkirk First Nation Traditional Territory which includes the community of Pelly Crossing.

Authority: Selkirk First Nation Final Agreement, Chapter 16.6.3
Period: July 21, 1997 to present
Type: Advisory


The Selkirk First Nation and Yukon government each nominate 3 members and may nominate 1 alternate member each. Alternate members may participate in the Council's work. The Minister of Environment appoints 2 Co-Chairs as determined by the Council.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: All nominees should have resided in the Selkirk First Nation Traditional Territory for at least 1 year immediately prior to their appointment and should have long term familiarity with renewable resources in Selkirk First Nation Traditional Territory. A temporary absence from Selkirk First Nation Traditional Territory does not constitute an interruption of residency.

Term: 3 years for members and alternate members.

Meetings: First Tuesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Council offices in the Selkirk First Nation Administration Building.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Isaac, Brian   FN Member   07/29/2018   07/28/2021
Sawyer, Scott YG Alternate 03/30/2017 03/31/2019
Alfred, Jerry FN Member 07/29/2017 07/28/2020
Kruse, Jerry        YG Member    04/26/2018   04/25/2021 
Kruse, Jerry   Co-Chair    12/18/2018    04/25/2021 
Joe, Alex    FN Member    03/30/2017    03/29/2020 
Joe, Alex   Co-Chair    06/08/2017    03/29/2020 
Shanks, Bill    YG Member    03/30/2017    03/29/2020 
Alfred, Jessica   YG Member    09/28/2017    09/27/2020
Silverfox, Andy       FN Alternate        11/29/2018    11/28/2021