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One-third of Yukon businesses were in the Construction or Professional, Scientific and Technical Services industries.(Source: 2013 Yukon Business Survey).

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  • Yukon Rent Survey,
    April '14
  • Consumer Price Index,
  •  Survey of Employment, Payroll and Hours,

Yukon Bureau of Statistics


Yukon's latest key indicators
Population (Dec 2013) 36,483
GDP Growth (2011 to 2012) 3.1%
Unemployment Rate  (June 2014) 3.9%
Real Estate Transactions (2013-Q4) $47.1 million
Change in CPI (June 2013 to June 2014) up 1.0%
Retail Sales (Apr 2013 to Apr 2014p) up 2.1%

For more information on these and other indicators, see the latest Monthly Statistical Review.

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Data from the 2011 Census are now available. Click here for a summary of Yukon data, or head to the Statistics Canada site.