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Teacher Certification Board

Department: Education

Phone: 867-667-8631


Advise and make recommendations to the Minister on any program or course of study for the upgrading of teacher qualifications and the training of teachers; review regulations and recommend changes governing types, issuance, suspension, and cancellation of teachers’ certificates by the Minister; and make recommendations to the Minister for certification of any persons whose status with respect to qualifications is referred to the Teacher Certification Board. The Board also hears appeals in its role as the certification appeal committee.


Period: September 1991 to present
Type: Adjudicative; Advisory


The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints 7 members that consist of:

  • 2 nominees by the teachers' association;
  • 2 nominees by the department; 
  • 1 nominee by the School Boards and Councils;
  • 1 nominee by the Central Indian Education Authority; and
  • 1 nominee by the Yukon College who is a professional educator.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: No legislated criteria required to join.

Term: 2 years.

Meetings: As required.

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Apply: There is 1 process to apply to ALL Yukon government boards and committees.

Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Director, HR (Dept. of Education) Registrar 11/28/2013 Indeterminate
Executive Assistant to the ADM (Dept. of Education) Secretary 10/21/2015 Indeterminate
ADM, Public Schools Branch (Dept. of Education) Chair 06/05/2014 Indeterminate
Nash, Ken Member 12/19/2018 12/18/2020
Taylor, Kenneth   Member   06/22/2017   06/28/2019 
Henderson, Sandra   Member       06/22/2017    06/28/2019
Richardson, Andrew   Member    06/22/2017    06/28/2019 
McLeod, Roselind   Member    12/07/2017    12/06/2019