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Tourism Advisory Board (Yukon)

Department: Tourism and Culture

Address: 100 Hanson Street, Box 2703 (L-1), Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Email: Judith.voswinkel@gov.yk.ca | Phone:  867-667-5430


Yukon Tourism Advisory Board (YTAB) will perform the following functions:


·        advise the Minister on how to achieve industry-government alignment in the implementation of the Yukon Tourism Development Strategy (YTDS);

·        regularly review the YTDS to ensure that it remains relevant and takes into account the evolving nature of the industry locally, nationally, and internationally;

·        advise on the implementation of YTDS priorities and action plans and the achievement of the vision and goals of the YTDS;

·        advise on budget allocations specifically related to implementation of the YTDS;

·        advise on issues the Minister wishes the YTAB to consider, and

·        bring forward to the Minister strategic issues the YTAB deems important for achieving the goals of the YTDS.

Period: 2020-current

Type: Advisory

Membership:  The Board will be comprised of nine members: seven voting members; one non-voting Chair, and one ex-officio member who will be the Deputy Minister of the Department of Tourism and Culture or their delegate.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment


Voting Members:  Of the seven voting members:  

·        three (3) will be selected to bring a tourism business perspective to the Board’s deliberations;

·        two (2) will bring a Yukon First Nations’ perspective;

·        one (1) will bring the perspective of Yukon’s cultural and/or heritage sectors, and

·        one (1) will bring the perspective of Yukon’s communities.

Of the above voting members, one (1) must also be able to bring a francophone perspective, and ideally one will bring a youth perspective.
Applicants for Board membership will be assessed on their experience and credentials as set out in the Terms of Reference, and must indicate in their resumé which perspective or perspectives they will bring to the Board.
Chair:  The Chair is an independent, non-voting member who does not represent the perspective of any particular stakeholder or interest.
Applicants for Chair will be assessed on their experience and credentials as set out in the Terms of Reference.
Letters of Support: All applicants must submit letters of support as set out in the Terms of Reference.

Meetings: The Board will meet a minimum of four times per year. 

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Current members: There are currently no members of this committee.


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