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Wilderness Tourism Licensing Appeal Board

Department: Environment

Address: Registrar, Wilderness Tourism Licensing, Parks Branch, V-4 Box 2703, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-667-3048 | Fax: 867-393-6223


An applicant may appeal the decision when the registrar refuses to grant an operating licence or cancels or suspends an operating licence for wilderness tourism activities. The Board decides (honestly, to the best of their judgement and ability and without fear, favour or partiality) these appeals. The Board confirms, varies, or reverses the decision, order, or ruling by the Registrar or by an inspector and may order the appellant or any other person to comply with its decision. This decision is in writing and sets forth the reasons. The decision will be delivered or sent to the appellant immediately after the day of the decision.


Period: May 4, 1999 to present
Type: Adjudicative


The Minister appoints 3 members and 1 alternate member. The Minister appoints 1 member as Chair. Membership may vary for each Notice of Appeal received and more than one Appeal Board may be struck if there are concurrent appeals.

The Board may (from time to time) appoint 1 or more persons having special technical or other knowledge, to inquire into and report on any matter before the Appeal Board (subject to approval of the Minister).

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: At least 2 members must be representatives of the tourism industry and of the wilderness tourism sector. Every member will, before entering upon their duties, take and subscribe an oath or affirmation of office, as provided by Schedule B in the Wilderness Tourism Licensing Appeal Board Regulation.

Term: For the duration of the appeal or as needed.

Meetings: As required. Meetings take place in Whitehorse, Yukon.

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