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Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board

Department: Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board | Agency website >>

Address: 401 Stickland Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5N8

Email: worksafe@gov.yk.ca | Phone: 867-667-5645 or 1-800-661-0443 | Fax: 867-393-6279


The Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board and the Board of Directors operate independant of government to administer workers' compensation and occupational health and safety. The Board of Directors provide governance to the Workers' Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The Board of Directors ensures:

  • provision for an open and fair system of guaranteed, adequate compensation for all workers or their dependents for work-related injuries;
  • promotion of recovery from workplace injuries through early return to work, appropriate health care and vocational rehabilitation, where required;
  • maintenance of a solvant compensation fund managed in the interest of workers adn employers;
  • provision for fair assessments on employers;
  • provision for an appeal procedure that is simple, fair and accessible, with minimal delays;
  • combined efforts and resources for the prevention of workplace injuries—including the enforcement of health and safety standards; and
  • provision for workers, dependents of deceased workers and employers to be treated with compassion, respect and fairness.

In addition the Board:

  • ensures that workers, dependents of deceased workers and employers are treated with compassion, respect and fairness;
  • acts in good faith and maintains confidentiality;
  • sets the strategic direction for the Workers' Compensation Health and Safety Board;
  • approves and monitors operating and capital budgets and the investment strategy;
  • hears assessment and occupational health and safety appeals;
  • establishes and makes publicly available policies relating to claims for compensation, assessment procedures and prevention of work-related injuries;
  • creates rules to define conflict of interest and the conduct of appeal proceedings; and
  • provides the Minister with an annual report and audited financial statements and ensures the Chair and President appear annually before the Legislative Assembly.

Authority: Workers' Compensation Act, section 98
Period: 1992 to present
Type: Governing


The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints the Board of Directors. The Board is composed of:

  • 1 Chair and 1 alternate Chair (to act in the absence of the Chair);
  • no fewer than 4 and no more than 6 voting members (consisting of an equal number of members representative of employers and workers; and
  • 1 President (non-voting member)

The Minister appoints:

  • 3 qualified representatives of employers provided by employers and employer organizations
  • 3 qualified representatives of workers provided by workers and worker organizations
  • 1 Chair and 1 Alternate Chair in consultation with employer and worker organizations

Appointments to this Committee are subject to standing order 45 of the Legislative Assembly.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: Members are appointed based on their education, training or experience and should be familiar with the purposes and objectives of the compensation system under the Act. Voting members can't be a Yukon government employee. Find out more about the scope of work and requirements: Governance Guide >> | Board member profile >>

Term: Not exceeding 3 years. Eligible for reappointment.

Meetings: At least once a month but can range from 2—10 days. At present we meet around 4 days a month and must be available on short notice.

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Apply: There is 1 process to apply to ALL Yukon government boards and committees.

Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Harper, Christie Member 10/22/2015 10/21/2018
McIntyre, Heather Member 02/26/2018 02/25/2021
Zanasi, Luigi Member 05/04/2016 05/03/2019
Hancock, Vicki Alternate Member 10/22/2015 10/21/2018
Pike, Mark    Chair    03/30/2017    03/29/2020 
Martin, Lisa    Member    04/19/2017    04/18/2020