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Development Corporation Board of Directors (Yukon)

Department: Yukon Development Corporation | Agency website >>

Address: Corporate Secretary, Box 2703 (D-1), Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-456-3995 | Fax: 867-456-2145


  • promote the development of Yukon resources on an economic and efficient basis;
  • promote employment and business opportunities for Yukon residents;
  • assure a continuing and adequate supply of energy in a manner consistent with sustainable development;
  • alleviate the effects of any energy shortage that may occur in Yukon;
  • promote the establishment, development and operation within the Yukon of industries or undertakings that are, by nature, energy dependent through the provision of cost-effective energy or energy-related infrastructure; and
  • carry out development policy directives issued to it by the Commissioner in Executive Council.

Order-in-Council 1993/107 restricts Yukon Development Corporation’s role to energy-related activities designed to promote the economic development of Yukon.

Authority: Yukon Development Corporation Act, section 9
Period: 1986 to present
Type: Governing


The Board consists of a Chair and at least 2 other members appointed by the Commissioner in Executive Council in a manner consistent with the Umbrella Final Agreement. The Board selects the Vice-Chair. The President of the Yukon Development Corporation sits on the Board ex-officio.

Appointments to this Committee are subject to standing order 45 of the Legislative Assembly.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: The Yukon government shall ensure board members are generally representative of Yukon's population as per section 22.6.2 of the Umbrella Final Agreement.

Term: 3 year term. May be reappointed.

Meetings: Quarterly and additional meetings as required.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Reams, Danny Member 06/11/2016 06/10/2019
Hougen, Skyler   Member   06/08/2017   06/07/2020
Kates, Darren      Member   06/08/2017   06/07/2020
Southwick, Tosh   Member   05/15/2018   05/14/2021
Kirby, Peter   Member    04/23/2018   04/27/2021
Pemberton, Michael   Member   10/28/2018   10/27/2021
Farynowski, Lise   Member   10/28/2018   10/27/2021
Johnston, Katherine   Member   10/28/2018   10/27/2021
Janzen, Douglas   Member   10/28/2018   04/03/2021