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Fish and Wildlife Management Board (Yukon)

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Address: 2nd Floor, 409 Black Street, Box 31104, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5P7

Phone: 867-667-3754 | Fax: 867-393-6947


According to Chapter 16.7.1 of the Umbrella Final Agreement and First Nation Final Agreements, the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board is “the primary instrument for Fish and Wildlife Management in the Yukon”.

The Board, acting in the public interest and consistent with Chapter 16 of the Umbrella Final Agreement and First Nation Final Agreements and taking into consideration all relevant factors including recommendations of the Councils, may make recommendations to the Minister, to Yukon First Nations and the Councils, on all matters related to Fish and Wildlife management, Legislation, research, policies, and programs.

With a mandate to address issues that affect all of Yukon, the Board focuses on policies and legislation for sustainable fish, wildlife, and habitat management. The board consolidates the best available technical, traditional, and local knowledge through public participation, to make recommendations on management decisions to First Nations, territorial, and federal governments.


Period: Start date dependant on date of Final Agreement to present
Type: Advisory


The Board is comprised of 12 members appointed by the Minister of Environment. The Council of Yukon First Nations nominates 6 members. The Government of Yukon nominates 6 members, one of whom is selected in consultation and concurrence with Canada. The Chair is selected by the Board members.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: The majority of representatives of government and the majority of representatives of Yukon First Nations must be Yukon residents.

Term: 5 years.

Meetings: 6―7 times per year.

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Current members:


Name Position From: To:
Taylor, Kenneth YG Member 04/18/2018 04/17/2023
Taylor, Kenneth    Vice-Chair    06/19/2019    05/01/2020 
Chambers, Ron   FN Member   04/12/2015   04/11/2020
Warrington, Blanche    FN Member    01/20/2017    04/11/2020 
Sidney, Carl   YG Member    10/26/2017    10/25/2022 
Cresswell, Danny   FN Member    02/14/2018    02/23/2023 
Dickson, Dennis    FN Member    02/14/2018    02/13/2023 
Burdek, John   FN Member    04/11/2019   04/10/2024 
Burdek, John   Chair    06/19/2019   05/01/2020 
Dawson-Beattie, Michelle   FN Member    04/11/2019    04/10/2024 
Patterson (Jr.), Franklin   YG Member    10/24/2019    10/23/2024 
Taylor, Randy   YG Member    10/24/2019    02/13/2023
Kisoun, Dawn    YG Member    10/24/2019    03/23/2020 
Jones, Sebastian    YG Member    10/24/2019    10/23/2024