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Geographical Place Names Board (Yukon)

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Address: Box 31164, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5P7

Phone: 867-393-3982


The Board makes recommendations to the Minister on the official recognition and approval of new, changed or rescinded names for geographical features in the Yukon. When considering the naming or renaming of places or features located within the Traditional Territory of a Yukon First Nation, or when acting with a federal agency where joint jurisdiction over the naming of the place or feature exists, the Board shall consult with that Yukon First Nation. A Yukon First Nation may name or rename places or geographical features on Settlement Land and such place names shall be deemed to be approved by the Board. Final authority on the naming of geographical features in Yukon lies with the Minister.


Period: 1996 to present
Type: Advisory


The Council for Yukon First Nations and Yukon government each nominate 3 members.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: The majority of representatives must be Yukon residents. Members should not be delegates of the parties who nominate or appoint them.

The Board allocates funding in their annual budget to provide training to Board members.

Term: 3 years.

Meetings: 3―4 times a year and as required.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Allison, Gordon Member 05/29/2018 05/28/2021
Ritter, John Member 06/15/2019 06/14/2022
Perrier, Gerard   Member   05/29/2018   05/28/2021
McLean, Zena   Member    06/15/2019    06/14/2022 
Smith, Testloa    Member    06/15/2019    06/14/2022 
Shorty, Elaine    Member    06/15/2019    06/14/2022