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Historic Resources Appeal Board (Yukon)

Department: Tourism and Culture

Address: Box 2703 (L-1), Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-667-5363 | Fax: 867-667-6456


The function of the Appeal Board is to provide recommendations about objections to the designation of sites or about appeals against designations and to dispose of the other appeals that may be taken to it under the Act and to report to the Minister on matters the Minister refers to it under section 8 of the Act.

The Appeal Board shall, on request, provide the Minister and Yukon First Nations with records of its hearings and deliberations on appeals and, no later than May 31 of each year, provide the Minister and Yukon First Nations with an annual report containing a summary of their respective activities, deliberations, and recommendations during the preceding year. The Minister shall table the annual report in the Legislature as soon as reasonably practicable.

Authority: Historical Resources Act, section 5 
Period: 1998 to present
Type: Adjudicative; Advisory


The Board consists of 4 members appointed by the Commissioner in Executive Council. Two of these should be chosen from people nominated by governing bodies of Yukon First Nations or by the coordinating body for Yukon’s First Nations. The Board chooses its Chair and Vice-Chair from its members―one of whom is chosen from the people nominated by governing bodies of Yukon First Nations or by the co-ordinating body for Yukon First Nations. The Director of Cultural Services or a person designated for this purpose attends meetings and may participate in deliberations but shall have no vote in decisions made by the Board.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: A person cannot simultaneously be a member of both the Yukon Heritage Resources Board and the Yukon Historic Resources Appeal Board.

Term: 3 years.

Meetings: As often as necessary.

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