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Hospital Corporation Board of Trustees (Yukon)

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Address: #5 Hospital Road, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 3H7

Phone: 867-393-8732 | Fax: 867-393-8707


The Board governs the activities and programs of the Yukon Hospital Corporation. The objects of the Corporation are to supply:

  • hospital and medical care and service;
  • supervised residential care and continuing care; and
  • rehabilitative care and services so as to meet the needs of people in Yukon.


Period: 1989 to present
Type: Governing


The Chief Executive Officer is appointed under section 7 of the Act. The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints the following members:

  • members from persons nominated by one or more Yukon First Nations or the Council of Yukon First Nations;
  • member nominated by the medical staff of the Corporation;
  • 4 members chosen from the public at large, including at least one resident of each of Dawson City, Watson Lake and Whitehorse;
  • 1 member chosen from the public service of Yukon.

The Minister may designate one of the members to be the Chair of the Board and the members of the board may designate one or more of their number to be a Vice-Chair of the Board.

Appointment process: Commissioner in Executive Council

Requirements: If a group fails to make the nominations it is entitled to make, the Commissioner in Executive Council may appoint persons who are nominated by the Minister instead of by the group in question. Suitability of members, including knowledge, experience and competence in respect of matters relevant to the operations of the board and the activities and programs of the Corporation are required and can be found here.

Term: Not exceeding 3 years. May be reappointed for further terms.

Meetings: Once a month, except July.

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Apply: There is 1 process to apply to ALL Yukon government boards and committees.

Current members:


Name Position From: To:
Gillen, Brian   Chair and Public Member           06/01/2018   05/31/2021
Dr. Dalinghaus, Kathleen Medical Staff Member 06/01/2018 05/31/2019
Massie, Jay CYFN Member 06/01/2018 05/31/2021
Montrose, Ann (Laurel)   Public Member   06/01/2018   05/31/2019
Durocher, Richard   Public Member   06/01/2018   05/31/2021
Iles, Myra   First Nations Member   06/01/2018   05/31/2020
Gingell, Judy   CYFN Member   06/01/2018   05/31/2020
Ali, Charlene Shehnaz   Public Service of Yukon Member   06/01/2018   05/31/2019
Holmes, Vera       Public Member        06/01/2018    05/31/2020