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Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators (Yukon)

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Address: Secretariat - Box 33093, Ogilvie Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 5Y5

Phone: 867-688-5767


The Panel of Adjudicators adjudicates complaints when asked to do so by the Human Rights Commission. The Yukon Human Rights Commission is a semi-judicial body and the Yukon Human Rights Panel of Adjudicators is a separate, independent, quasi-judicial body, which adjudicates human rights complaints.


Period: 1987 to present
Type: Adjudicative


The Panel is made up of a minimum of 3 members. The Legislature designates 1 member as Chief Adjudicator and 1 member as Deputy Chief Adjudicator. When the Human Rights Commission asks that a complaint be adjudicated, the Chief Adjudicator establishes a board of adjudication and determines its membership.

Appointment process: Legislative appointment

Requirements: No legislated criteria required to join. However, members must exercise good judgment, and effective decision-making abilities in a quasi-judicial setting. Members must be able to weigh evidence, apply and consider legal principles, and interpret legislation in relation to proceedings before them.

Experience, training, or education in the areas of administrative law, procedural fairness, quasi-judicial tribunals, or comparable experience, training or education is particularly beneficial. Effective decision writing ability is also an asset.

Members of the Panel of Adjudicators must be reasonably available, sometimes for several days at a time, to participate in hearings.

Members of the Panel of Adjudicators must also avoid actual, potential, or perceived bias or conflicts of interest. As a consequence, previous involvement or relationships with parties appearing before the Panel of Adjudicators may preclude them from being able to participate in the proceedings.

Term: 3 years. May only be removed by resolution of the Legislature.

Meetings: The workload varies from year to year, but typically it convenes up to 10 times a year, sometimes for several days at a time.

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Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Curteanu, Marius Member 01/18/2018 01/17/2021
Larouche, Roxane   Member   12/15/2017   12/14/2020
Riseborough, Michael Member 12/15/2018 12/14/2021
Larochelle, Vincen   Chief Adjudicator   05/26/2018   05/25/2021
Rispen, Maxwell   Member   05/09/2017   05/08/2020
Keenan, Karen   Member   05/09/2017   05/08/2020 
Warnsby, Benjamin Bruce   Member    05/09/2017    05/06/2020