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Joint Management Committee (Yukon)

Department: Health and Social Services

Address: Box 2703 H-1, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Phone: 867-667-8541 | Fax: 867-667-3096


  • to provide advice to the Minister on health care policy, program implementation and cost;
  • to make recommendations aimed at maintaining and improving the management and provision of quality medical services in Yukon; and
  • to examine policy approaches and costs of various elements of the health care system.

The Committee engages in the following activities:

  • develop and implement effective utilization and management of all physician services and other related elements of the health care system;
  • identify actions to enhance the quality and effectiveness of health care, including its cost effectiveness. The emphasis will be on services provided through physician contact, but will not be restricted to these;
  • provide direction to policy and research undertakings in various revisions of health programs;
  • review, for information purposes, health care research projects proposed for the Yukon;
  • consider ethical issues related to the use of technology in health care, including the formation of a Yukon structure for dealing with these issues on an ongoing basis; and
  • such other activities as may from time to time be agreed to by its members.


Period: 1995 to present (Has not met since 1999)
Type: Advisory


The Committee has 6 members - 3 are chosen by the Yukon Medical Association and 3 are chosen by the Minister. Each party has full discretion to choose its own members on the Committee. Substitution will be permitted at the discretion of the parties.

The meetings of the Committee are chaired on a rotational basis by the Deputy Minister of the Department of Health and Social Services and the President of the Yukon Medical Association. The responsibilities of the Chair alternate with each meeting.

The Committee may invite additional people, who are not Committee members, to join the discussions on an as needed basis. Such invitations will be issued with the agreement of the members.

Appointment process: Ministerial appointment

Requirements: No legislated criteria to join.

Term: Indeterminate

Meetings: Held at the call of the Chair on a quarterly basis (at minimum).

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Current members:

Name Position Since
Breitkreutz, Dr. Cindy Member 11/05/1998 (Indeterminate)
Parsons, Dr. Gerard Member 10/12/1995 (Indeterminate)
Quong, Dr. Ken Co-Chair 12/10/1997 (Indeterminate)
Densmore, Dr. Lise Member 10/12/1995 (Indeterminate)
McNichol, Dr. Wayne Member 01/30/1995 (Indeterminate)
Muff, Joseph Member 12/12/1996 (Indeterminate)