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Lottery Appeal Board (Yukon)

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Address: 307 Black Street, Box 2703 (C-5), Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 2C6

Email: plra@gov.yk.ca | Phone: 867-667-5111, 1-800-661-0408 ext. 5111 | Fax: 867-667-3609


The Appeal Board may hear an appeal by an applicant to have the terms and conditions of a lottery licence changed, to rescind a suspension of a licence by the Registrar, to rescind a revocation of a licence, or to appeal the Registrar’s refusal to licence a lottery scheme or organization to hold a lottery scheme. In determining an appeal the Appeal Board:

  • may confirm, reverse, or vary the decision being appealed from and may impose conditions on a licence that the Appeal Board considers proper in the circumstances; and
  • shall render a decision in writing within 60 days after receiving the notice of appeal.

A decision of the Appeal Board is final and binding.

Authority: Lottery Licensing Act, section 9
Period: 1987 to present
Type: Adjudicative


The Commissioner in Executive Council appoints 3 or more members and 1 member as Chair.

Appointment process: Order in Council

Requirements: No legislated criteria to join.

Term: Up to 3 years. Eligible for reappointment.

Meetings: As required at the call of the Chair.

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Apply: There is 1 process to apply to ALL Yukon government boards and committees.

Current members:

Name Position From: To:
Jones, Catherine Member and Chair 11/23/2017 11/22/2020
Hewitt, Gary Member 08/24/2016 08/23/2019
Lundgaard, Kathleen Member 09/27/2018 09/26/2021
Rispin, Maxwell Member 09/18/2018 09/17/2021